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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content
sophia someone was on last nite posing as a red of your kind, I had left some bait out but I have no idea if truly was a red or not. claimed to have met a nobody in the 80's in Egypt but the story sounded like bs except for the talk of eyes.. anyways I tested his/her aura to see what the response was, the aura was weakened and he/she stopped posting..shrug.

Thread: The profile that fits the nobody

great imagery on that vid btw
 Quoting: Perseus7

Hi Pers7. I read that. And I've tried to make you and others aware, seriously now, I'm not bullshitting and I'm very mentally stable (despite and against all odds) - that this forum is involved in harassing me as a Target.

I've discussed with someone about the secret A.I. research going on, and was made aware a couple of years ago as I asked why "people" on this forum copied me - and I later on suspected it was "Bots" - computer robots... programs. Some call it "online persona management" - one agent can use multiple characters/avatars and it appears there are many varied individuals involved in a campaign or project against a target, thought it might be just one person with an advanced software (bots/sock puppet).

I have been targeted a very long time. And those doing it WANTS me to be aware, and reminded about this, everyday. ESPECIALLY on this forum.

I could go into details but I'll just repeat the overall scheme of events.

I got friendly with some that I didn't know was involved stuff, not just where they/are they studying the human organism in depth (all from DNA, the human genome, but the various ways the glands function and how the body recieve and transmit information and how that can be used to both read from a distance and to send to the body.

It's not strange at all, we all have an electro magnetic field, we can measure brain waves digitally (EEG) and the heart via EKG on a digital screen. This can and is done with not just all organs and EVERYTHING that exist (but they cover this up since it has to do with Energy Medicine, think RIFE etc).

This could save mankind from suffering, but the miitary sieged the various inventions and patents and use it to target not just enemies but civilians, population at large and even their own employees.

AS you know the military is infiltrated by Satanists, hardcore ones that are sadistic and enjoy perverted abusive sex. They also enjoy torture, and exhibit power over a victim that they break and harass.

This is what is going on here, thus the multiple threads about "a nobody" that they expected to be dead, but they got a surprise instead - and now they analyze, over analyze, spread disinformation to cover it up and also harass the target.

The stalking/surveillence/monitoring was something I was told would be done to me, as is a protocol they follow if someone is a person of interest. The military has more targets and persons of interests then the public is aware of.

In this information age it's not fun to be part of organised crime since information can be spread. We are in multiple wars due to vested interests that has it's root in many various streams, but it all boils down to siezing world domination - and in this there are various groups, some say it's five major insider factions and they access both vast media resources as well as covered up extremely advanced technology.

Personally I was a naive and spiritual peace worker that found myself in the midst of a gigantic mess - but I do admit I do actually believe even my extreme suffering (and others) can have a purpose. I have chosen not to be bitter, or to lie down an die, (even if it would be much easier considering I have such extreme pain) - but I'm tough and a fighter, plus that I'm an optimist.

Parts of me also do believe in that mankind at large (and possibly even eventual alleged hostile non terra entities or E.D. - extra dimensionals) actually are not just suffering from a clinical isanity (possibly frontal lobe injuries or dysfunctions) or have been parasited and are thus under control of a disorder/malfunction/virus.

Like I've said, I've discussed in veiled form for many years, chosen to glide into the shadows as I was made aware of that those I was to believe where friendly here and IRL and elsewhere online, actually had such dysfunctions as well as satanic and sadistic personalities and interests.

Why I've chosen to speak out now is due to that my veiled attempts to communicate was falling on deaf ears, and I actually must admit that I'm prefering permission to speak frankly then to find that those I try to address that ARE monitoring me only are busy playing weird games.

They have issues on many levels and it seems there's internal quarrels as what to do with this "Event" or "Situation" that "the nobody" showed up. And I just can't spend year after year waiting for incompetent and bullying professional Agent Provoateur to abuse their absolut and total power that they actually does exhibit via the advanced tech such as reading of thoughts remotely - and connecting this to supercomputers and bots making posts ( and Agents jumping in to "roleplay" about my life ).

It's counterproductive.

I'm aware that I might have had a naive and utopian view on the world, which is what we're all programmed to get via the televised broadcasts telling us all to "trust me, we've got this under control, trust the media, go back to bed, take this pill and die without being a whiny bitch about it"....

That naivity was my passionate heart and sincere love of this world and mankind. Bit by bit this heart of mine has been deliberate manipulated and broken, since the heart's electromagnetic field is unique (see HeartMath insitute for facts) but basically the heart is around FIVE THOUSAND TIMES more magnetic then the brain, and SIXTY TIMES more electric then the brain....

See video also if you wish:

[link to www.youtube.com]

The Agents working via/on this forum are extremely aggressive in pushing "the nobody" threads and it's ONLY about mind fucking a specific target.

I'm serious when I say that I've tried to address various persons with a wish to have a more constructive dialogue about this - but to no avail.

The naive and loving heart of mine might have at times glided into a sort of (organic/authentic) kind of extra dimensional level of awareness, where I truly felt a connection to the all, and everyone involved in this drama we call life here on earth. And THERE AND THEN, there was/is no conflicts, as there is no misunderstandings or disorders/dieseases... it's peaceful and creative and very constructive as the problems can and is easily solved.

This wasn't popular I found, but I was seen as a threat. Especially if I protested against weaponised conflicts (manipulated ones, not the necessary defence, but the staged various false flags or psy ops and of unjust and unfair occupations).

I've tried to analyze the world events from a female right brainlobe brainstorming perspective to offer solutions - and again I hoped it would be a welcome contribution as I naively expected world leaders to actually be working for the people and with best intentions in their heart.

I did slowly learn as most others have that this is a complex and false illusion.

The last decades have brought tremendious changes in our human society and how we relate to each other on the family level, as well as on our work places. The transformation of how our western civilisation has taken shape and the ideologies behind it are also something I've been busy studying - with one goal, and that is to find understanding to what causes the conflicts that are behind the suffering I see around me.

In doing so I encountered various individuals that at times turned out to more or less be "handlers" seeking to either "offer" me various positions (under false pretence as I was a naive person with a clean record, perhaps good to be abused as a supply source, or possibly gatekeeper or M-.O~N.-A'/R.C)H.... I've so often felt extremely confused over why there's been so many unexplained setbacks and (to me) weird and unhappy events happening around me, to me - til I sort of realized thanks to this forum extensive copying and pasting about private things linked to my online activities - that there where no "Accidents", it was by design these horrible, terrible and painful things happened to me.

I did try to fight battles on multiple fronts, got overwhelmed, and things happened that I don't have to get into right now.

In a stress or acute crises it's normal go go through a crises reaction, but Agents who's mission it is to "Break you in" or simply terminate you - they will gang up around me and declare their label or diagnosis on me so that I would loose credibility all together.

I then became aware of such rhetorics and read up on various communication models such as AD HOMINEM ATTACKS and how shill works. I didn't even know what a shill was before.

I've been deeply spiritual my whole life, and it turned out my faith in something very loving and divine was given proof of - that was therefore also proven to those Agent's that did monitor me (hence the "protected by God's hand") being whispered about.

Despite all the crimes done to me, I still try EVERYDAY to discuss and seek to contribute to build bridges and overcome the conflicts we are in, and bang my head to absorb as much information (from mainstream and independent sources that isn't tied to the octopus beast) -

lately though I've been even more made aware of how it's not just the world that is in trouble, but the whole solar system.

Some of the Agents wish to blame God, at the same time as they proclaim there can't be such an intelligence, and if there is - they build various threads for in depth discussions to analyze how and what that is.

It's a djungle out there. And I'm in a rabbithole in that djungle trying to fight not just bots, possibly clones and synthetics and non terra vested interests as well as doing my best to stay alive in a world that is more poisoned by the day.

My care IS sincere, I've joined and been active in various groups that does address social and environmental issues and sought to present ideas that can actually offer win-win situations even for hardliners that are addicted to extremely dangerous games, thrill seekers (there ARE solutions to this).

But as has lately been found out, it's a group within some intel of high level (NSA and mil) that are into chaos magic and they do not wish to discuss eventual win win situations at all... then we do have those that are completely brainwashed and believing in the necessity of following a script some refer to as Prophecies - in order for their "Saviour" to enter the stage.

As all I do, say, type, and even what I wear to bed is monitored (see threads today about what "my wife wear to bed") and if I have my period they post about "going to get her lady stuff", they discuss what I eat, my training and extremely boring life in detail... if I satesfy my biological needs or desires - and if I don't (in that area I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't).

THE PROJECTIONS ARE ENORMOUS, and a global huge machine with more agents involved then you possibly can imagine are busy following every move I make, every breath I take and word I say - and they cross analyze this to various models THEY have....

These groups sit on enormous vast resources, technology and manpower. And I'm just me and my laptop. (hacked of course)

For a while there they made sure the laptop and mobile phone was shut off, no one could call me and I couldn't call out. I think that was around the time when I "gave them the finger".

Now though after the shock event happened it seems they are back to monitoring and the usual stalking, but really - no progress has been made on any front in the world except that I'm more aware.

It's been discussed when the nobody will "manifest". That i do believe is a dream or fantasy by those involved in high magic, they seek a possibly scenario as a total illumination taking place right in front of their eyes, and they are growing weary on me.

It's discussed if some mentor should step in, but that is later put to rest as they demand of me to address not just this complex mess, but multiple conflicts by design, mind fuck tests and traps, as well as being a "perfect example" of how a tortured being acts out "on stage"/in their monitor equipment - and when I do, that is being looped back to me via the octopus broadcasts by what I assume are either syntheitc/reptoid or cloned or possibly chipped "human" appearing frontmen in media, journalists and radio station hosts and television program designers etc (remember the media corporations are all centralised by a mega monopoly linked to groups such as CARLYLE).

If they wish to, and they want - they can, will and are, placing huge nets around the target and play games for some kind of sick amusement or possibly attempts to test or eventually direct the target.

It's a huge operation, it's the biggest event since God walked the earth, and it's okay if the Agents working on the analyze team express this, but not if I voice it of course (cuz then I MUST be crazy, as a reasonable deniability). And I've strangely enough learned to live with it, to a certain degree... as I isolate myself and have withdrawn from most everything.

If I do go out, those same music videos that are pushed on these threads are also played on the bars or clubs I might be considering to visit...

That's not all - as artists or DJ's or even friends talk, they hint they are involved and can spill private information about me, wanting me to be aware of that "they" are all around me... it can be a stranger asking if they may sit at my table striking up a conversation, to the person standing behind me in a que as I run errands, to friends - and that's the hardest part.

I've begged and asked on this forum and to friends to stop playing games, but it's been ignored, and it just goes on and on and on...

It's like ground hogs day, and since I say this, someone will in any other thread within short (or on tv in a show or other medium) put this into their conversation like an inside joke about me.

I'm watched, monitored, studied and everyone knows how alone and sad and bad I feel about this twisted situation, but no one choose to actually talk to me directly.

Like I said - it's like there's been a command sent out that "you can't touch this" about me.

I have no idea what they are waiting for. I won't start to turn on my "trash DNA" and become biolumisence, nor will I speak in tounges...

I'm not a cirkus artist or interested in being a spokesperson, or create a religion, nor am I really that very interested in demanding the world to change as I snap with my finger.

I'm well aware of this complex situation we are finding ourselves in, and that those in leading positions (be it gov, mil, intel, religion etc) are many times trying their best and they too are targeted... so how can I really blame them (forgive them for they don't know what they do?) but, it's also human nature - and eons of abuse they themselves are victims of.

We have a lot of healing to do. There's a mess out there.

I'm of course more then willing to devote my heart soul and body mind and spirit to be a good Messenger, since that is what I am. But I can't do it alone.

I'm a woman and it seems to be an issue.

I'm just gonna stick around and wait to see what ever happens, since I do have faith in that God knows best.

My wish is to, sincerely, be left alone from the organised massive "TRUMAN SHOW" M.O. I'm under, and somehow be freed from that communication model, it's just not working my friends.

I'm flattered and I was overwhelmed with the responce, but seriously, I'm just a girl trying to get a life and I have very humble demands. I want simple things but I burn for technique, design and improving organisations... I can be of use if I'm given the chanse.

If anyone feels threatened, talk to me about it, please.

I'm very understanding, especially since I'm advicied by mentors in "high places".

But most of all, I've willing to re-learn, I don't know best. I've made mistakes, I've got flaws and I do absolutely not seek to be adored or have special priveliges.

To be honest, I'm just very tired of the silly and childish games and the constant loop that is leading us no where.

There's so much good, beautiful and constructive things we could do.

I know some seek to fulfil the dark cabals agenda of a totalitarian rule, and some even say it's as if we live in a sort of hologram program and it's possibly some things are in both our private as global destiny - but if that's the case, we must all follow our heart and accept that others have their calling.

I do believe in that total power equals corrupt power.

I'm not an expert on anything, but I'm interested in all and i can see things in possibly unique ways, I've explained how I function in earlier posts.

I'm just "a nobody", and I can behave in furnitured rooms, that is to say, I can behave, but I do get provoked by this constant nonsense.

I'm not interested i money, so drop that. Economy is according to my understanding used by men in those various societies or organisations that did seek to fuel their agenda. But perhaps deep inside of them there IS a dreamer also, that has a burning heart and that wish there were someone out there willing to pick up a brick or a stone to lay the foundation of something new and beautiful where we could all thrive.

I believe it's possible.

I am happy if this post will be read, and I hope I'm not banned for taking the liberty of speaking what's on my mind and in my heart.

I used to be very loving and compassionate, but some very sinister and damaged and hardliner men trashed me up, and now they spend their whole days just writing about me, seeking to destroy what's left that I managed to piece back together again.

Everyday I think of how I can help those that suffer.
Everyday those on this forum think of how they can distract and destroy.

But there's a reason for that also... it's called dysfunctions, handicaps and lack of insight about certain vital things that leads to them being hostages by a parasite (in body mind spirit).

I pray God will guide us through and be our shining light, and that even if I find somethings hard to forgive - I pray for Gods forgiveness for my mistakes and shortcomings and then I leave it in His hands to carry what I'm unable to process right now.

Oh Lord, please, don't let me be misunderstood.

 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28477792

I would like you come to Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Your very much needed.much love.rockon
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26449213

Thank you kindly.
Just after I read that I felt "STARNATIONS" about the invitation.
To ME, Canada IS StarNations HQ.
...so I googled and found this:

Canada’s Stonehenge … Alberta’s SunTemple
Alberta sun temple has 5,000-year-old calendar
'Genius existed on the prairies 5,000 years ago'[Canada] -

A 5,000-year-old stone cairn and other structures in southern Alberta that a maverick Edmonton scientist believes are the central features of an ancient sun temple and calendar that accurately marks the solstices and the equinoxes.

Read more:
[link to www.thestar.com]

There's also some very important videos here:

Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings:
[link to www.projectavalon.net]


The two books titled THE ORION ZONE and EYE OF THE PHOENIX describe the pattern of ancient Hopi villages that reflect all the stars in the constellation Orion. "As above, so below." For more info, go to www.theorionzone.com

Star Visions of the American Southwest
(2 and a half min video)

[link to www.youtube.com]

Is This The End of the Fourth World?

[link to www.youtube.com]


hf In Lakesh!

[link to www.youtube.com]
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