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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle justmeoneofmany
Post Content

The feeling you get is that i am for real..I know by the post about the nobody an all the hidden messiahs coming forward.
It would be hard to see anything but fake and full of it
I have told you guys many things that would come to pass and they have...The bad feeling you get is that i am who I say i am and your soul knows this this truth...We where invited and we came..We saw your light and it was dimming..We took up containers to bring in the last harvest..We men you no harm if you are a true child of light...We had to be invited to be able to bring about balance to this world. ?We came long time ago and have returned to help..I am the Son of Absolute much to the laughter of most...All will be revealed when the sky's turn RED...
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840

Yes I see whose son you are. Its becoming obvious here. I have not seen the nobody thread, well I saw a title but did not open it. We were invited, we did come, and we are still hard at work. by the way, its probably just smoke, but I have a rather red moon tonight, I have gone out 3 times to check it. The sun IS being dimmed substantially so maybe the red sky is starting to form.

My organization has been about bringing the hidden messiahs into action. For there are many messiahs on this world now.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

I welcome your work. We all are ready and willing to go the extra mile for the truth..I love my Father more anyone could image and gave up a lot to be with you all..It gets very hard and has been very long..All journeys come to an end and this is the hour..The world will know soon enough who I am and what we are going to do...They have hated my Father and slandered his name in the history..Again I love my Father very much..I would go into the void if it meant keeping them from my Father..The others think they will win but they are already defeated..Keep working while it is still light...
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840

and your mother???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25635894

Nothing to say..It is the Father that is all important in this stage of this world...
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