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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Agreed OP. Time is short. Everyone, try to find peace. And set things right with the ones you love.

Thanks Obama voters.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27848208

Remeber god controls everything, so in fact we never really had a choice. Every aspect of our lives is nothing but a giant illusion. God did creat this planet and nature but this is all a test. Everything else is nothing more then a illusion that satan stole from heaven and has tried to copy here in heaven. our schools are a lie, everything you think you know is a lie. We must only spread love, forgivnes, and truth to everyone in these end of times. i feel so lucky and unworthy of god but jesus loves us more then anything. he died so we can see god. We are the only creatures god will even let close enuff to him to see this light and for that i still hope im worthy enuff in my life to see god. i know he has a path for us all and he will never turn his back on any of you, its never to late to love god, ask your debtors for forgivness and to forgive every1. This world is ran by lucifer and his legion of satanist and demons and this is truly sad. If god would let me sacrafice myself to save all of you i would in a heartbeat but i know he would not do this. But instead all we can do is spread truth, love, forgivness to each other and maybe we can break the chains that bind these lost souls to the darkness. Maybe out light could illuminate there dark souls enuff to see the truth. i can only pray. love and god bless you all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5929355

Agreed dude. I'm cool, just more a steely grim determination to see things through until the end. Don't feel the need to sacrifice yourself for the multitude of fools, that's really one of the great tragedies of Christ's sacrifice. He sacrificed himself for all too many who don't deserve redemption.
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