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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle justmeoneofmany
Post Content

humans live in containers that are body's..The harvest is the end of this age when evil will be taken and thrown into the void..I have had many people say the same things as you
i do not get a bad feeling about you, just i don't get a good feeling either . .. neutral could be the word...We who are here now see the truth and if is truly the truth it is straight Black and white when it comes to evil

A human rapes and kills a child it is evil..there is not reason for that..just because the world has let you down does not give a human the right to go and do as he see fit

Black and white..there is no room in a world for evil to grow and then be rewarded for its vileness..Look to the sky's to turn RED and then the harvest
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840

What about when a child does that to another child, is that child evil?

Black and white hey! Ying and yang, what if one has both ying AND yang in them both dark and light!!!

Not trolling I find this interesting and would like to discuss and know your views further if you wouldn't mind.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27929796

Depends on the age of the child...As to the black and white yes this how the universe acts also..some humans where born for wrath and others where born to show that salvation...This planet is way off balance and it will be corrected...In the new kingdom all children Born belong to all of humanity..The new kingdom will be centered on the children and what will make them more spiritual beings. At the age of three the children will be taken and raised in Spiritual Development Academic community's..They no longer will be taught the lies of the old world..Children will be the highest priority...All people will wear cloths that are of rank and color to their spiritual evolution..There will be respect for the positions given by the celestial order..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1305840

Well then I choose void hahaha and proudly.

I bow to source alone, I show respect for my fellow beings but will not be told what to do, wear or ever ever let someone take my children, even if it was God himself, it is my duty as a father to teach and raise my children, and yes in spiritual matters too, it is my job, the way you talk reminds me of the nazi's, ha everyone has to wear a certain colour to display their spiritual evolution, you sir do not have a clue, we can read each others fields why would we need to wear clothes of a certain colour/cut hahahahaha.

No disrespect intended, but I am departing from this discussion.

I am out of here you lot are more confused than a dog in a cats body.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27929796

Same as when the angels meaning messengers are seen in many different robes of color..Same as why the flowers are of different colors. Same as all the different color races..You are the one who is clueless and I am glad you are out of here..your mind is closed and not even a bomb could open you up to the truth...The dream language of the creator is Images and colors mixed with sound..so yes colors are good..You say your they are your children..No they are not..when you go into the kingdom do you truly think they will call you DAD..No they will not you are only their care taker here on life to prepare them for the kingdom of spirit..you should know this and I see you do not..So go far away and learn before you come to a thread of truth..You are the one lost
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