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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
Generation Doom, with all due respect that I can muster, the site you have in your signature file has no messages from Jesus. He would not stoop that low. I know the both of them that shared the role 2000 years and neither would place what is there. That is a site by the thugs of this world who are hyping you all into accepting a massive war. It is a Catholic based site as to theology and the work of the CIA Council of the NOT SO light, aligned with the Vatican. The plans on that site are the plans of the thugs who have ruled this world and are not of God.

This war is not going to be allowed, because it will destroy all life on the planet and this is not going to be allowed. You might want to check the thread started two days ago that contains a message from AA Uriel. Thread: I have had I think a prophetic dream. I saw Angels and this is what they said.. the trash of glp showed up there in bulk. OP held is own and is still holding his own however, so hopefully the others here who read the thread got some eyes opened. There were also some wondrous posts made in it. The Christian thugs that came into it, and they are thugs, did everything they could to put it down. This is how earth people behave and the tolerance for it is about done.

Sadly one of them there is one of us but thru shocking incidents in her life, reverted to the religious shit here. Religion is not practiced on knowing planets. Jesus taught that the Father is within one, and not up there some place. The message has not been understood and its not understood in that website you are pushing. Man has failed the God Within and must be removed from the planet so all others can have LIFE and KNOWLEDGE and grow into ONE before they can seed other places.

We here will see to that. I am on that team that plans for it. We shed the biggest tears that can be shed for this world, rivers of them and it does not wipe away the evil. All of us who are messengers continue to be slain, one way or the other. My body has been "resurrected" many times now for what I do and my global team continues to experience all sorts of harrassement, but as the "leader" of it, I take the most.

Already the people of my country have allowed Obama to be put into office. They have allowed all these duds to be put into office. They have allowed the party system which is always for carnage and destruction. They are right now, allowing this "new war". They have no sense of right and wrong. Some are stupid, others truly evil. The churches are full of evil. When I am around those in the nest where I live, when they start yaking Jesus and judgement and destruction a great darkness comes into their eyes. Christianity as a group religion, all of them except the quakers, is the most destruction force on this world.

I am not fully aware of Islam. We have few here but ones I have met are much more godly than Christians. I know people globally who have spent much time with them and find them generally much more godly than Christians. Christians believe god is going to destroy the world so they might as well help him out There is zero interest in the health of the planet they live on, to them its all to be wasted since they get to go off to heaven for believing on Jesus. Thus there is no care. Such stupid people have no right to continue here on this planet. It belongs to the Creation, it belongs to the Father. Planets do not ever belong to the people that inhabit them.

Your own bible says man is caretaker but it goes completely misunderstood and generally Christians feel God gave them the world to fuck it up as they see fit. I would not feel proud to have that website in my signature file myself.
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