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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
Your hatred of humans drips from your every word,woe to those foolish enough to believe what you say!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27880752

Human of earth is not very trustworthy at all and is destroying his planet, and furthermore the thugs of this world have intended to destroy it to prevent the Creator from having it back. We are here to prevent that, because their chosen method of destruction is Nuclear, which would cause effects way beyond the confines of this planet. And it would cause the planet to have to be encased in plasma which will destroy all of those "left behind" as to their souls. The children of God on this world were "chipped' from the New Jerusalem command craft computer long ago, so they could be lifted out immediately if nuclear Armageddon began and that would leave behind all those not of the light to the 2nd death. Ponder your words.

We are here on purpose to get your asses out of the trouble you have made, and there is that judgement event in which the asses of the dark will be removed. Period. We do not hate you. YOu hate yourselves. There are millions of us here. We do not come to sick worlds except in love and the ones maturing on this planet have mostly rejected it.
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