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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

To you bullshit..Look I have heard this for a long time and it gets old..why not just not post..why do you feel that you know its all bullshit..You are in deep crap and no way to clime out..You only come here with your fighting and trying to prove what ? Why not post your own Ideas and get on with your life,,you have no business here on this thread...
You will see the sky turn then you will know you messed up BIG TIME..you are one of the reasons for us coming to this planet..It seems like you need it very badly as you cannot see or hear truth when it is told to you...You will give an account as to why you slander these words very soon..May your eyes be opened or you will parish with all religions
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840

I'll take her flag, and raise one. This thread is B.S.

You don't even know what happened in 1963.... so, you are full of it. At the BEST you are a hybrid. Either way, you lose in the end. Your daddy doesn't get to rule the earth for very long. Tell Osiris he's a loser.

 Quoting: mrclean

I do know what happened in 1963 that mattered and that was JFK murdered..you think it was about your birth..Many things happened in 1963,64,65 and so and so on
You made it about you..So when we take this planet you will be remember for your ego..You are going to remember that day and hour very well..I do not care if you where born on that day..you are nothing to us..So leave while you still can save face
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840

Wrong again. Something VERY important happened that year that relates to the time that is about to come....more proof you are a fraud.

Also, 'you are nothing to us' sounds like something a FALLEN ONE would say. Not an angel of GOD.

Like I said, tell Apollo or whatever name he's going by these days.... he loses in the end.

And by saying 'Jesus didn't come to bring us a new religion' DEFINITELY PROVES you use false doctrine.

Have a nice day.
 Quoting: mrclean

If you don't mind me hijackin' this thread after all it is a very nice thread but the curtains needs changing ,it was the year yet again of my birth ,or one of them anyway have a nice afterlife .
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