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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
there are over 200 million of us now, but many are old and many are still young, but the youngsters remember sooner now and even as tiny children. There freshness is all over the place on this world, especially in music and arts. There is a whole bunch of wondrous teenagers, I am starting to find them, we have a couple on my forum even who are wide awake for years. They do not experience the degree of veil, because it is close to time, the veil, so called, is opening up to them much earlier.

This was hoped to be started in the 1960s and I knew I was on call then. I about "died" when Kennedy was taken out, I knew something was special about him and then I learned later he had been taken after election to see "jesus", and was to announce the day of his murder. I have the speech he would have given that day.

We have waited a long time since then. I knew I was called to do something about "god" on this world but my childhood experience did not provide what, and I rejected all the religions in my town. I did go to church some, as a study, to observe. I found the churches in my small town to be social centers, not much to do with God. I found it all very shallow and I remember from my tiniest age, being appalled at the Apostolic Creed of the Episcopal church of my grandmothers faith. I had an interest in this world while young. I practically lived in my Grandmothers upstairs bedroom when I could going thru all her old national geographics, she had them all to the first one. We had no tv in my small town then, and they were the window to my world.

I shocked myself a few years ago, when I was looking up the israel conflicts, as I discovered that one I remembered clearly listening to on the radio and when I lookup the DATE, I found I had been 8 years old then, and I sat for long hours at the radio.

All our plans of those of us just old enough to begin to enter service were dashed with Kennedy's murder and we knew it. Many went into nice organic grocery stores and the like as a subsitute to serve. I spent some miserable years looking. Checked out becoming a nun, then a cleric, UG to all of that.

Got married, became a nurse, did a thousand other things to pass the time while waiting and always serving in whatever I did. I felt bad quite a number of years ago because I had not matured a single project to fruition, all of them so infested....... Now I don't, they gave me a very good look at this degraded world. The call began once more in the 1990's. I had my official being put back to work in 1998. And here i am.

Part of my mission is to awaken sleeping star seeds and a major reason for my work here on glp. There are some that had some bad experiences in one way or another, stressed out and regressed into religion. They remember "Jesus" but not what they came to do and some of them are a problem here on glp, the courage and strength to work for the kingdom truly, is buried.

Some found new age awful and for good reason. I am accursed of being a new ager and that is infested with CIA, NO thankyou. Several CIA Council of the NOT SO light (that is a real council, the NOT SO is my addition) attempted to get me to work for them, and I know better. WE have lost actually quite a few potential star seeds to them, who could not wait on money or whatever they needed. I stayed pathetically broke and I knew as our project grew, support would come in exactly what we needed, and it has.

The right people came forward, and many of them have suffered from the thugs. but we continue. In fact we can't go quite as far as we would like, because these cowards are backed into a corner.

It is sad some right here on Glp and so many other places do not recognize our service. It is because in part there is no forward vision. They do not need the help, but then again, that destructive rapture story and that god is going to destroy the planet anyway, keeps them used and asleep, and serving their very devils. I have so often demonstrated with the sheeple iin my neighborhood, simple things like bringing my own cup to coffee, so save on throw away stuff. I get told that god is destroying the world anyway, so why bother. Ditto when I suggest driving vehicles that use less gas and not having so many cars, and buying smaller cars ........ none of this matters to the evangelicals at all.

The hate in these ones is palpable when they "go off". As an example, I attended a craft club coffee thing here on Wednesday mornings where I live, just to get out and away form the computer. The lady that organized it had such LIGHT and I found myself not wanting to skip a single one, the "hidden" work she did with them was awesome and made it clear why she did not attend their churches, but she herself had a career of singing holy music.

Well almost 2 years ago now, when she came to the neighborhood christmas party, I knew she was leaving and I would not see her again and sure enough, just after new years, on the monday before our next coffee time, she passed.

We met anyway, and her empty seat....... well the local evangelicals started up the "did she get saved" conversation. How icky. I inflamed a bit but kept a lid on it and when I could I gave a eulogy and praised the light of this woman. Well one of them stood up, the darkness came upon her, and she said that since this lady had not accepted Jesus as her savior, that her light did not matter for anything, and she had gone to hell! I was sickened. I knew these ones were what they were but to SEE IT and in that manner when so many who loved this woman there! In front of her beloved friends and all the others who enjoyed the group which often there were a dozen or more there. They were attracted to the light of our knitting lady.

This ladys best friends were there, who also participated in the group and the looks, oh my, neither of them attended church either. I left shortly and gave the one in such obvious grief from that comment a quiet hug and some whispered council and she hugged me so much I could hardly breathe.

Some weeks later, when the group met, there was only me and these two ladies that day, so we were able to talk . They never came back to the group, in fact they moved away completely. This is a nest of evangelicals where I live, its the gates of hell somedays, I still go to the coffee most of the time, there is one there I like whose christianity is different. the group is small, so many left because of the two evangelicals and their hellfire. What disgusting people these types are. To LORD IT OVER OTHERS and pronounced judgement.
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