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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

five questions if you don't mind

1-who do you say Jesus Christ is?

3-what is the bodily form (container) that you have lived in previous to your current one>?

4-when , approximately at least,... will the red sky come?

I was told by Michael the Archangel when I was very young that there will be a certain time period after the red sky which we will be able to find and take shelter before the earth surface is cleansed.

5- Are you aware of this?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19932676

who do you say Jesus Christ is? The one who created all things and without this word there would be nothing

I came from the the system that is around the Alpha Bootis or as you might know it as Arcturus, the brightest star in the constellation Bootes...We are the guardians of planet Earth
My race will be more active as the Ascension progresses.

I was not told the date but that at the height of the great last war for humanity's soul

Last one I have not heard about the way you have told me
The sky turning red is the revealing and gathering of the good and evil..The celestial court will be seated and the
works of mankind will be reveled to all..what has been done in their human containers GOOD or EVIL All has been recorded and all people will give an account..It will be fair and just..
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840

thanks for the response, OP.

was your last incarnation in a human type body?

as far as the sky turning red...it will be from electromagnetic energy ..like an aurora borealis.


i am not aware of any 'meeting for judement' ., but I am aware that the humans that want conflict more than peace will all die ...ALL. Most will die before the time of peace. And..if you don't know where to go to survive it...YOU DON'T KNOW and..you will perish. I am sure that some will be given dreams as to where to go...or others, but seeming 'luck' will find their way...but the vast majority will perish.
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