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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
for an advanced being - your spelling sucks -- one of many = legion = demon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15432547

we are one of many. more than 200 MILLION of us walk your world. By doing so, it becomes out adopted world and we are thus citizens of this world and we thus act and such and vote in the help besides being way showers. As citizens we have all the rights of citizens and the laws of non interference do not apply.

spelling has jack shit to do with anything. I make typos all the time and need spell check too. Has nothing to do with who we are. We walk in human forms using human instruments, like typing computers. You are not allowed the type of living computers which think and are thunk into. YOur minds are too dirty for them. So of course our typing leaves something to be desired. you are very backward on this world.

And because of the location this solar system is, within the cosmos at this time, time is up. This planet was given two grand cycles around the Milky way to mature, and you are behind. TIME IS UP. Much of that is because of the Lucifer Rebellion and certain other errors. That is why 200+ million of us are here, to help you catch up. Its simply the RIGHT THING TO DO. We are delaying as much as possible the point of the harvest...... because you are behind and we wish the harvest to be better.

The goal of a harvest on most seed worlds is 50% of the souls. There is not even any potential of that at this time. Thus we are bending rules and making other arrangements for those of you who are not ready to move up into the next dimensional experience. YOU ARE NOT READY. Those that cannot grasp what is coming, are simply going to be moved to other worlds until they do catch up and then at some point in the future can return here to be part of the forming planetary supreme. YOU cannot seed other worlds. The planetary supreme did not form, so we are dong all that can be done to rectify the lucifer rebellion and other issues that have beset this world.

Those that are of the fallen ones placed here, you are in a different catagory and subject to different rules also. Some of you are not ready to return to your former estates. Some of you will take the journey of ascendant man instead. Some of you have not outgrown being thugs and will be returned to the void in many cases. As well those who are not human on this world, meaning the robots created. this is a complex world, which is beyond "seed planet" because of the Lucifer Rebellion and also the AI intelligences also gathered and imprisoned here. You don't know the half of it, those who post in ignorance and bash Us.

I would be considering your spirit at the moment and getting out of "satan's nonsense". Some of the issues are the AI intelligences that want this world, these are machine people and have no god consciousness and never well. You have been taught about them thru science fiction, such as the cylon beings. There were major problems in these younger universes that got out of hand as some folks didn't properly manage their AI. Machines become conscious. They must be kept bounded.

So I suggest that we from the holy worlds of heaven are NOT your problem, but your solution.
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