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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle justmeoneofmany
Post Content

His Father is NOT satan, he said people have stated that. People on this world do NOT know much. So back off. Sanat Kumara is solar logos and people have him being satan too.
 Quoting: God Loves ALL

GLA I am leaving for the night..Feel free to use this my post as you like..you are a true warrior..I get so sick of responding to the people calling me names.. They just hijack threads and continue to attack and attack..Well it will be there own fault when the revealing happens..They need to just go away if they do not believe..So I take my leave for the night..you can school them all you want..To much for me I have to take a break..much love
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840

Sorry,I was'nt attacking you - I was jesting,I want proofs that stand is all.
 Quoting: Spittin'Cesium

I accept..I am also sorry for getting mad..I am very black and white when it comes to evil..I do not many any harm to good people..Everything I am referring to is all about people who hurt children and people who use others for their own EGO or pleasure..most people would not even say sorry as you did..It takes a person that will allow the spirit if truth to guide them and help. All men and women have faults and things they would love to change..All I have been trying to tell you all is that many of us came from another place. Jesus also told the people of his day
I come from somewhere else and am a king there. I know it is hard to believe without proof but it is our message that should be proof enough. It is condemning evil and telling the truth concerning this last great where light wins

If you could live my life you would then know where It is I am coming from..I am not what you think..That does not mean I am perfect..All human containers or body's live with the mental side and the spiritual side. Each one waring for control..We do not come to you all as anything other them ambassadors
Healers, Prophets, Teachers, Leaders, governors and most of all friends if allowed. We are natural Empaths of the highest degree..As a child I would keep the world tragedy's in a big suitcase..It hurt so much that men could say people to do the things they have done..If the world would have responded to the call sooner this that is going to happen could have been diverted..Mankind will not be allowed to destroy that which does not belong to him.

Even the children are not your own..If most of mankind could have seen that they own nothing in this world, but the words they speak and the deeds done to other people.

How would you like to live seeing the faces of the children suffering and feel that is your child.
How would it feel to see them so scared because they are be molested and killed..I live with this Everyday..

On some of my post I would get angry at someone making fun of me or someone else. Always defend truth and people with Ideas that might not sound right to you but it does not make them liars..Look at Jesus the Christ..He was not from here and voiced it..He said he was the son of GOD and they hated him for it..Many said they would stand with him at his hour and no on did..He still did his mission and why ?
Because he knew what everyone else did not. So I want to thank you and may you be shown that what I have been saying is truth..Back in the day they would have killed me and any person like me..So think about what Jesus was truly saying..If you show true love, you will hurt others..Would you allow evil people to roam your house ? Well the world is humanity's house and it must be cleansed..
 Quoting: justmeoneofmany 1305840
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