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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
Op you need to refresh with your Father, there is not going to be a great war now beloved. there is going to be great earth changes. the middle east war now is being put down already.

If I get time I will skim his long previous thread. he beats the sign of Christ and the Space commands of God, lay off him, his life is not easy.

While Anu and club were connected in with the reptilians, most of the leaders of the anunnaki are human.

OP's Father Enki is fully human if my recollections are correct. Anu was for a time put on a pleiandian light ship under promise to mend his ways and he was still doing shit with earth receivers so he and much of his group were removed completely from this area several years ago, maybe about 2006, I am not sure of the time. After I became public.

Enki was always in love with earth and served well. The was the outsider so to speak of that clan.

The reptilians do NOT eat people. Dark energies get off on the dark energy emitted by people, they thrive on it, just as us normal thrive when the energy is joyous. So stop with the ignorant shit already. Not all reptilians are bad and not all humans are good. its a choice. The reptilian FORM IS going to be uncreated as these ones pass, they will incarnate in other forms. The form itself is cold and problematic. this is one of the things Michael of Nebadon is here personally seeing to the clean up. So you jerk types back off and stop spreading more negative shit for negative people to suck up. OK.
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