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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
Oh but he does Jesus was the lamb offered for our sin its sad that we are loved more than the angels and he sacrificed his son for us and none of us are worthy not one human as served him the way he deserves including me I am guilty and will be at his mercy
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25433530

you need to drop that tired old lie right now, nobody can sacrifice for YOUR SINS, only you can clear them and Jesus taught that. the thugs sacrificed Jesus and then put that disgusting story into Christianity. The FAther of Jesus, is the Creator Father of every reasoning being. He only creates and does not sacrifice anybody. you have exactly no concept of God and I suggest you post haste begin to read Walter Russell. You can start with my thread if you like which is listed in my signature file.

We are going to educate this sorry world after the days of darkness coming up and this is one of the first things well will correct you "chistians " about. only YOU CAN CLEAR YOUR KARMIC RECORDS and Record over them with the truth of your learning. absolutely no one can do this for you. There is a special dispensation on this sorry world that is allowing people who have cleared 51% of their karma to "ascend" on the promise they will help form the other side and continue their growth. nobody can do YOUR LEARNING FOR YOU. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT, and you can start by dropping the lies the satanists created for Christianity. They created the religion. Jesus did not. You belong to a satanic cult. And you have just published some of their cult shit. All that blood shit is satanic shit. You do not have salvation in his blood or any other such things taught in the religion. you have salvation by choosing eternal life by your free will, and then by choosing to become LIKE THE FATHER and grow to know all things. THIS IS THE TRUTH. I know because I took that journey to Paradise wherein lives the Father and so I know of what I speak. I have stood at the Right Hand of the Father myself and that is the goal of all ascending sons of God. That was taught too, but not passed on.

You reincarnate in new bodies so that you gain experiences to grow your soul. Jesus taught that. All new souls are stupid. They don't know much. They are YOUNG, like the little child you have to keep out of the street, because he doesn't realize a car can dead him. Young souls do stupid things, they are not mature, they have little wisdom. You are to gain wisdom over your Life Eternal.
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