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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle God Loves ALL
Post Content
I will OP answer to his knowing on the great deception, but that is the work of legged shit heads right on this world, it is everywhere evident to get people to reject the help coming plus within all religions and government and media is all a great deception. The wars are all deceptions as to cause. The 911 event was a great deception, you ones can uses your minds and go within to get these answers. Jesus taught that concept in fact, There is nothing that cannot be known by you when you learn to contact the universal mind.

I have taught all of this here on glp that you asked about.

I will say the PEOPLE above who ARe here are not decivers and that OP has already made clear. As have I. They are under the Direct command of the one labeled Jesus and they are from Heaven.

MIchael of Nebadon who played Jesus is here personally at this time. enough already. thugs do NOT fly the friendly heavens. That is the statement of thugs who are creating that lie.
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