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Message Subject Remeber the skys will turn RED
Poster Handle IndigoSerenity76
Post Content
if you have not noticed you are not a sun gazer. You must protect your eyes and visualize the disk of the sun, not the bright glare to start with. Everybody I knew doing this, has reduced or eliminated the need for eye protection. The ones living in the south hemisphere which is now tilted closer to the sun have taken the longest to discern it. Ones there now are needing no protection either but if they want to watch for some period of time, it is easier with light sunglasses to them. I am aware of natures patterns more than some and I do notice.

There was a huge change I docmented here, not this thread, but elsewhere about sept 15 or so. I can't find the exact post, as I post in 3 threads around this on my own forum. But around that time, I was told they would do a big dimming that day and all day long that sun got easier to see.

This summer it was so bright, I had to add a 3rd layer of protection to view at noon. and that was barely enough and took time to see the disk and caused my eyes to water. all of a sudden in a single day, a single pair on sunglasses was enough and not long afterwards, none needed.

When the sun is low in the sky, it see the disk all the time now, not flare preceding to adjust too.

normally when one gazes the disk it is blue, bluer at the west than east, its a icky gray now, something yellowish.
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Nope, sadly, I am not. I don't really get time in my day for that with work and running 3 kids all over the place. So, during the 3 days, it won't be drastic? I'm guessing it is gradual? Or will there suddenly be a day where we wake up and it is dark?
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