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Message Subject NASA Predict Total Blackout 22-25 December due to Allignment 5 Planets! WTF?!?!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Even my dinky little $30 telescope I got from Fry's can see the Galilean moons so the space station is no problem if you know where to look and when.

As for earth entering the forth dimension, what a joke. Time is the forth dimension. If we were jumping to a new dimension it would be the fifth.

Aligning with the dark rift would not cause the sun to stop burning since this happens twice a year anyway. However, if the theory that the sun will hit that highly magnetized and much hotter "fluff" or energy band around the 21st we could see some effects. If I remember correctly, isn't the theory that it will cause the sun to burn through all the hydrogen fat which would cause it to burn out temporarily until the core heated up enough to begin fusing helium into carbon, and of course expand as it becomes a red giant.

That theory would go well with the Mayan belief that this is the end of the fifth sun and the new sixth sun will follow. If this took 3 days that could also line up with the three days of darkness. If that happened the sun would agreed much of its mass and expand beyond Mercury and possibly Venus. However with losing mass the gravitational pull would weaken and Earth's orbit could move out enough so that the cooler and closer sun would not scorch us entirely. Of course this is all hypothetical and chances are of something like this happened we are all dead anyway. So stop posting bullshit you know nothing about and just enjoy what you believe to be the last days of your life!
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