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While the Jews fight as a team for what they deem theirs, whites commit racial sucide

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11/17/2012 04:24 PM
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While the Jews fight as a team for what they deem theirs, whites commit racial sucide
If you notice Jews consider themselves a race as well as a religion, while whites don't think there's a race other than "the human race". Jews have conserved their religion from millennia ago while whites got their original religions destroyed and adopted the Judeo christian religion for 2 millennia and now have dropped it altogether to become atheists. Jews are zealous of their land and wish to expand it, Whites are giving theirs away to foreigners in the name of tolerance. Jews work together as a team in the media and academia to defame whites and turn the minorities against them while whites take the courses and watch the programs the Jews make and assent to all they say.

There was never really a "white civilization" per say as whites have always had distinct nations and cultures and fought among each other, but in this process whites built something that was homogenous enough to be considered fit to create a joint civilization. You can go to white towns in America, New Zealand, Australia, France, Denmark etc and despite cultural peculiarities you'd still find the same civility and ethic code of respect. You'd still walk around feeling safe and you'd feel you're in compatible company.

If whites don't create an indentity which is devoid of any Jewish influence and begin acting as if they're in a war, just like the Jews do with the Palestinians, we're going to be wiped off the map during this very century.

Consider my words carefully.
Holocaust denier white secretly urban negro.