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Personally, I have no idea if the December date will be the last for Earth (no matter how you describe it). But like many folks, I have a feeling "something" major will happen to the planet and us ... something that will significantly change our lives in some way. I just have no idea what that "something" will be.

OP - your post was very very well written and coherent. Very mature. Thank you so much. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

Food for thought - no matter what spiritual or religious path you may follow ... the very basic foundation of all is: treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. If everyone on this planet followed that ... then there wouldn't be all these stupid wars, feminines, persecutions, and more. It's just really sad at how much of a monster a human being is capable of being.
 Quoting: OnTheFence

To God, there is no time. There is no time in the universe. Time is only something that humans came up with so that everything can be measured. As God's children, we can be humble and trust that everything happens in God's world for a purpose and in His 'time' we will be allowed to have all knowledge.

If God wanted us to know a 'time' for the new beginning he would have told us. Time is of no importance in the spiritual world God created for us.

You can memorize a cookbook and starve to death the same way people memorize/misinterpret the Bible and succumb to to earthly (material) things.

Look at animals and human babies. They are closest to God. They haven't been branded with evil and do only as nature instructs. It's only later that everyone takes on their belief system and builds their earthly character defects.
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