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Thank you!

I hope if this date is real I will meet you and all GLPers very soon!

I'm ready for 'heaven on earth' and everything and everyone to be walking in love and as lame as it sounds, 'peace on earth'....

If nothing else, maybe I'll get some 'green' from those who understand where I'm coming from!

 Quoting: DaddysGirl


I too was into prophecy, and the Holy Spirit showed me a few things:

1 - Prophecy is God breathed. God does not use man's calendars. He uses His calendar, the same one he gave the Jews. So even though Dec 21, 2012 is a cool date it is in the wrong calender. In Thailand we have the Buddhist calendar. There are many calendars used throughout the world, but there is only one true calendar and that is the Hebrew one.

2 - If the Book of Revelation is from God, then the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls have to occur in consecutive order. If they do not then God is a liar.

If you can accept those two points, then you get this logic,. The 1st and 2nd seal are mystery's and they could of already happened without anyone knowing it because there is no way to prove they transpired. I could tell you somethings but you won't believe me.

Now the 3rd seal will be known when people throughout the WORLD are working a day for a loaf of bread. We are not there yet, but food prices keep going up. When they get to that level, then you will know the 3rd seal is finished, and the 4th seal will follow.

The 4th seal is a war where everyone in 25% of the Earth's area dies. This will be the worst judgement on the Earth since the flood. This obviously has not yet happened yet, and will not occur until the 3rd seal is completed.

Everything you mentioned from the Bible will eventually occur, but we first have to get through the 3rd and 4th seals before any of this happens.

So when Dec 21 comes and goes, do not loose faith. God is HOLY HOLY HOLY. He doe NOT give prophecy to people who sell it !!! Real prophecy is only given to humble servants who are HATED by the world because they tell people a rather unpleasant truth.

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