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Thank you, OP, for speaking your heart and 'putting it out there', knowing what a demented place GLP can be at times. You're a brave and honest soul.

Our ancestors, who speak to us through etchings on the walls of the caves they took shelter in during the last cataclysm, made great effort to warn us of the horrors they witnessed firsthand, and we should be grateful for that. On the other hand, the powers-that-be will NEVER warn us outright, as their mandates are, first and foremost, to maintain control over us, and secondly to get rid of us. They're hoping that the coming cataclysm will accomplish the second mandate in spades, and that up to that point, order will be maintained (for their safety and benefit). We are little more than a herd of unruly animals to them -- animals that must be sacrificed so that the 'chosen few' can inherit a 'cleansed' earth.

Celestial events (signs in the heavens) are better predictors than dates. Nearly equally as good is watching what the PTB are doing. I find it tellingly suspicious that the closer we get to the December 21st, the fewer references are made to it in the mainstream matrix. The virtual silence has become deafening. This contrasts sharply with the non-stop buzz about December 21st on the so-called alternative media.

When the mainstream matrix promotes something as being beneficial (for example, vaccines), it's almost always lies and hype, and the thing being promoted is invariably bad for you. Conversely, if it goes out of its way to trash and belittle something (for instance, organic food), it's almost always something that is good for you. This alone might be sufficient reason to believe that December 21st is something that should be paid attention to, simply because we are being told by the PTB's mouthpieces NOT to pay attention to it.

Remember Y2K? Remember the mainstream media fear-hyping how the world was going to implode technologically? REMEMBER HOW LITTLE TO NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENED?

Now we've got the PTB as one unified voice dismissing fears about December 21st. When I suggested that we should watch what the PTB are doing, this is part of it.

However, as mentioned, celestial movements are more important than dates. Something big is coming down the pipeline -- you feel it, I feel it, we all feel it. We will NOT hear about it on the daily 6 o'clock diversion. Earth changes like earthquakes, volcanoes and storms are not necessarily what you need to be watching for, either, as many of these events are being manipulated by technologies that we out here in the cheap seats can only guess at.

Watch instead the movements and behavior of those heavenly entities that are beyond man's control, and listen to the what the mainstream media isn't saying. That is where the real news is.

You, OP, have the same noble spirit of wanting to help and warn others as our ancestor survivors did. When the time comes, may you find your safe haven -- safe from the elements, and safe from the PTB. God bless you, OP.
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