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Dear original poster "DaddysGirl", thanks for opening this very important thread and for sharing. Well written and written with sincere love and friendliness, as it always should be, excellent.

Personally i have likewise tried to inform many other people about these possible events since many years, because it is one of my humble wishes, that all living beings and the whole creation, without any exception(s), will be perfectly (re)united with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost forever.

If such decisive events indeed would occur sometime in the future, then the timely forewarning(s) would have been meaningful.

But if such decisive events would not occur (anytime soon), life will continue, as it always has done and the timely forewarning(s) would not have caused any damage, but instead they would have refined and sharpened the consciousness and awareness of the people so to speak.

No matter, if such decisive events would (not) occur, the sacred and glorious importance and mystery of God and of (eternal) life etc. fortunately still remains.

May God love, bless, inspire, protect, redeem and (re)unite all of God's creatures and God's whole creation now and always and forever. Amen in the sacred names of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.
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