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From the OP (in response to my post):

"To help you understand, yes I believe that God, the Father and Creator of all things sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save this world - THE WHOLE WORLD - while they were YET sinners....I'm sorry if my lack of my 'statement of faith' bothers you."

Fair enough. I also believe that Jesus's sacrifice was willingly given for ALL of mankind. But that MOST of the world would reject it, according to the scriptures. Only FEW (comparatively speaking) be that find the narrow gate which leads to life. MANY take the broad path to destruction, just like with the flood of Noah's day. Many are called, but few chosen.

Your lack of "statement of faith" doesn't "bother" me. But you might want to consider who it DOES bother. You must confess Jesus before men, if He is to confess you, before His Father. Like I said previously, just mentioning "a god" doesn't mean anything. And mentioning the Savior is THE most important thing you SHOULD mention.

From the OP:

"Secondly, the reason I chose this avatar was because of a dream God gave me back in 1999. I had no idea this was a bad picture so please forgive me. I didn't mean to confuse anyone. You can see reference to this dream and another dream I had of an eclipse in my previous threads if it will help..."

Well, I'm not attacking you. I mentioned the origin of the "shhhh" sign, because I am very familiar with symbols, and when I see them, I immediately take notice. Secret societies use MANY symbols to communicate with each other, and to "gain power" from their "lord", who is our enemy. And when I see people using these symbols, it's a red flag to me. Many people use them out of ignorance, as you say is the case with you. So it is best that someone DOES tell them about it, rather than they continue to use symbols of occultic origin.
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