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Jesus Christ the Lord is the way, the truth and the life. Evolution is a lie and as such is also a deception, just a warning from someone who knows what is True and GOD is the only truth. He created us in HIS image, we did not come from monkeys or from the muck and mire of the swamp. Don't be mislead, believe in Jesus with all of your heart and ask for forgiveness from the Only One who can save you and that is Jesus Christ the Lord. I'm not ashamed of HIM nor will me keep my mouth shut and have people say that we are from cavemen. me tired of all of the lies and me just seek the truth. people know deep down inside of them where they came from, its in your subconscience telling you that and when we feel guilty for things that we know we shouldn't be doing there is a reason why. As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas we need to be giving thanks to Him for providing for us for without HIM we would have none. Thanks alot to all of the pop psychology for telling us that its ok for us to do anything that we want, after all "if it feels good do it sort of thing" you know what is right and what is wrong deep down inside. It pulls at you but we dont listen, its better to ignore it because then we can do anything we want. Homosexuality is wrong, new age religion is wrong, evolution is wrong, we have been misled. my hope is that everyone who reads this has an ear to hear. open your eyes to all of the lies and see what is true, its deep inside of you calling to you. me tired of being politically correct so as not to offend anyone. its sad that the people who believe in GOD and HIS son Jesus Christ cannot speak out against the lies. For fear of what? me fear GOD and Jesus Christ more that me fear speaking out against the lies. we need to pray for everyone who is lost to be found and for all of the people who are starving and for the people who are grieving and that we don't follow the wrong path, because there is only one path and that is the path through Jesus Christ the only begotten son of GOD. me humbly apologize if anything that me put on this post sounds angry, its not, me just tired of the lies. Thankyou to the only GOD who created the Heavens and the earth and thankyou to His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross at calvary so that we could be saved. sorry to GOD and to Jesus Christ the Lord if me said anything that me shouldn't have for me don't know if it is my place to do so. Thankyou, Jesus Christ. Amen. The Lord Jesus Christ is our Shepard. sheep no one knows the day or the time of HIS return except the Father, not even the Angel in Heaven. That is what my mom taught me, may she rest in peace.
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