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Personally, for me, I've been a 'watcher' of the important dates of an upcoming transition/ascension/rapture since 1996. I've watched a ZILLION dates come and go with a disappointed heart every single time the date comes and goes with a 'non-event'.

 Quoting: DaddysGirl

Your own words.

Is it that things out are really getting odd, or is it that fact that more people are on the planet able to report from areas where there no reports were available from before?

Just because we witnessed a "snow tornado" doesn't mean this was the first.

It's the first that was filmed and reported. As humans expand more will be reported. I mean how many Russians were running around that area with Cameras in the past?

I think the Dec 21 date marks a sign where time starts over.

The long count will end and a new one will begin. I think that is all that will happen.

Maybe a flash of light with the galactic planes cross the center? Start your stop watch then....that is when time starts over....

It just seems more logical than people being raptured or the earth being destroyed.

If enough people believe I guess it could be a self fulfilling prophecy....

Personally I'll go to bed fully expecting nothing bad.
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