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I really feel for you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15993935

I understand why you would say that. I prefer a new age or world where there is no hate, no violence, nothing evil or harmful to another individual. I guess I want 'heaven on earth'.... if December 21st will bring that to fruition, then yes, I'm stoked about it! hf
 Quoting: DaddysGirl

I say that because you have fallen victim to false prophecy and a huge marketing scheme. I feel for you because I know what things you must go through to become vulnerable to these '21st december conspiracy' nonsense. I genuinely feel for you. Leave this stuff alone, it's not healthy but more importantly, it's NOT REAL. No mayans predicted any future, they were so retarded they sacrificed HUMANS to the "gods" they saw in the sky(planets and constelations in clear night skies - no light pollution back then).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15993935

You are not being entirely honest friend. The Mayans spoke of various 'ages' of the SUN and the passing of each 'age' was said to be marked with destruction followed by rebirth. The Aztecs held similar beliefs with regard to the various 'worlds ages' that mankind would come to experience, believing we would be entering the 6th. The Hopi have prophecy of a coming Day of Purification. These ancient cultures had knowledge of the cycles of the cosmos and knew that the cyclical movement of the solar system through the galaxy would have profound effects on not only the Earth but also with regards to the collective consciousness of mankind. There is no way to pinpoint a date with any certainty but we know from the geologic record that there has been reoccurring extinction level events in the past and periods of intense solar flaring and there is no valid reason to believe why such events would not continue to occur again in the future. The question is not wil these events occur again, it's will these events occur again in OUR lifetime?

As Clint Eastwood would say, 'Do you feel lucky, punk?".

: )


Can you read/write Mayan?

If not, then you don't know what the fuck you're talking about let alone what the fuck virgin-sacrificing blood-drinkers talked about over a thousand years ago. In fact, nobody around these days would know how the Mayans sounded like, so even if you could read what they write, you might miss certain emphasis on words that could possibly make them into other words.

Simple isn't it?

You should obviously watch less movies. "lucky punk" Obviously you guys feel lucky, peddling this bullshit 21st december mayan stuff, tricking gullible youngsters and impressionable people with your bullshit.
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