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Poster Handle Borian
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I have abandoned myself to God 3 years ago and changed my life completely. Evil is all around us and closing in but the Spiritual Life is the ONLY Life.

The way to judge good from bad actions by those who seek to change our beliefs is to look at it's deeds. Good fruit does not come from bads seeds.

Evil cannot truly love or be loved. It is full if lies, trickery, deceit, hidden, hate, abandonment, pain, fear, self centered, destructive, jealous, addiction, rage, perversion, mistrust, occultism, and other self destructive habits.

The new wave 'dimensional spirituallity' denies a loving God and therefore is a trap. Stay away from that "be your own God belief system". Ask God to show you the way and he will as long as your motives are pure.

Do not fear death but fear life without spirituality and without God consciousness. God created man and man created religion. Religion will not save you from yourself. God will if you ask.

Ask God to make you useful to him and leave your material demands, ego, pride, envy, lust, anger, and fear behind.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25915094

From what I've seen, the truly spiritual do not deny a non-judgmental, loving god and do not see evil everywhere. They see fear and a lack of compassion and love.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12042051

That's it. ^^^ . He will judge. Evil exists in pockets, and there are plenty of them on GLP.

It surprises me daily how people ignore the obvious.
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