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Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
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the only creator is father sun and mother earth anything else is an egomaniacal demi god that has a superior inferior complex
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27933314
...actually we created them when we were all together as spirit before we created our flesh and then we went big bang,created everything and including our first flesh...then some stayed longer in the flesh than others and we begin helping each other create our next flesh to incarnate into...when 2 are gathered together in flesh and spirit,there i the spirit will also be,helping them create my flesh for me/co-creator spirit to incarnate into again....ye must be born again...if you cleaned your brain and body out with the manna/white stone of revelations of Revelations>(white potassium iodide crystals) then your spirit would shine forth through your flesh you are stumbling over with the religious concepts we created...and you would see the corrections of the 50/50 flesh and spirit in all religious text...until your spirit shines through 100 percent can you see the mistakes of the flesh in the text...many of us are already been changed in the twinkling of an eye ,as our 3rd eye twinkles open...we are awake and not sleeping in the flesh..
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