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Anyone here who has a child MIGHT understand this.

When you have a child, especially as a Mother, you have to let that child explore and grow all on its own...It's actually quite painful even in the smallest ways...You know that little step into the next room...it'll cause that baby pain, MINOR pain, yes, but HUGE growth potential. He'll bump his little head..He'll cry for about 2 seconds. And then he'll discover something so much bigger.

Dear God...let them see.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10783814

THIS is exactly what I was talking about. We are but children to God and He is the SOURCE of the sacrificial, eternal protective and providing love we have in our hearts for our own children. When our small children are determined to touch a hot stove or run out into the street with an oncoming car, we will 'move heaven and earth' to save them. And God, having MUCH more love for us than we have for our own children, will 'move heaven and earth' for us in the same way!!

He WILL save us from ourselves!

I love you all so much! Thank you for being YOU!hf
 Quoting: DaddysGirl

thank you so much for your beautifoul soul filled words...
it's wonderfull that Our Father has started to open our eyes and made us see the truh through this heavy fog...and the truth is one.....simple...
i wonder in this state that we are,if we will face THE burning fire...how much love could our week heart sustain ?..being so week i doub't it can face to much of it...probably a love of this force....powerful and pure as a fire....would cause our hearts to....
our hearts are not used anymore....they forgot what love is....we are going to be remembered.....money is not love......money is the mark of the beast,that stains our thoughts and actions....

we need to keep our hearts pure...and open for what is to come....
maybe that is why we need a little.....modification first....
so that we will not burn in the presence of the powerfull force of love.....

I pray for every people on earth...may we receive the light in our thoughts and hearts,to cleanse us and preparare us...
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