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On the 21st of December 2012 will appear cross on the sky as a sign to people to prepare for The Great Warning (Garabandal. Medjugorje), it will last for 7 days , everybody on the earth will see it , and on the 28th, 29th, 30st and 31st , 3 day of darkness (Great Warning), nobody should be affraid , everyone will see their sins as God see them, some people may die from schock and fear. These dates make sence as are the days before New Year when all people have supply of food and water after big shoppings. This Christmas is a big chance for people to go for confession and be in the state of grace and less suffer during The Graet Warning. Many people will wake up and realise the Christ is real and the world will change.Middle East is already on fire and is a short time before AC appear as a man of peace. God will warn its own people before he appears, and to do not accept the mark of the Beast (chip) which is direct ticket to Hell. It will be very cold days, have food, water , blankets and blessed candles and PRAY.

thanks for reading and May God Bless YOU ALL
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