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Bilingualism Discriminates...

Father Nature
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11/17/2012 05:28 PM
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Bilingualism Discriminates...
... excerpt of article:

Within the 25 designated areas, the French have the power to do whatever they want because they have been empowered to do so by law. It is a question of biding their time till the unsuspecting English-speakers are not paying enough attention and then it will be …… too late!!! It is incumbent upon English-speaking Ontarians to understand what has happened and to make a pre-emptive move to protect themselves before their freedoms are taken away from them totally.

They’ve accomplished a lot with just 4% of the population!!! Just imagine what is happening in N.B. where they make up 30% of the population and they’ve decided that they can adopt the tactics of Quebec and pass laws that force bilingualism on all English-language institutions but allow French institutions to operate in French only.

...please follow link below for complete article:
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...please follow link below for further articles:
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