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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle IssueX
Post Content
It's hard in this day and age... I searched around for charities, and found a great one..
Unicef -

I truly believe that we can all make a difference in many lives...

I created this song awhile back, made some adjustments too it, to help promote unicef, and be able to contribute to society myself.-

I have a donate link and also a buy link.
80% of all proceeds goes to Unicef. - The other 20% go towards continuing promotion to reach out and get more proceeds to help Unicef.

When people ask me my dream? It's to TRULY help provide opportunity for others.
I can't make it happen alone...

I ask you guys for a couple things... Very simple.. And takes a minute out of your day.
If you can't donate/purchase the song? No problem.
Please repost this song on your facebooks, twitters, mocospace, google+ etc.. Whatever social network possible. Please post why I am trying to do this...

People tell me I'll never make a difference.. That I'll never be able to help.

I hope that they are wrong, and my efforts thus far have not been in vain.

I've been around G.L.P for a long while now.. I know you guys have for the most part good intentions..

This is an opportunity to help create good for others..

- Thank you guys for checking this thread out..

Helping me take one more step to having a dream come true. -

I do expect some flaming from this.. but I will follow my path.. Doing the best I can..knowing... I can't control others. <3
/With Love

 Quoting: Prophet.

5 stars and green karma for you.

Most people have given up. Nice to see your energy

whether or not I agree, I like to see people a least trying to do something
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