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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Jacked Burton
Post Content
I love how people are attributing "disqualities" about me (Love using made up words)
in order to sidetrack my true ambitions.

I don't care if you feel it's "libtard." I feel children, of all people in this world, deserve a chance at life.

If you think that's wrong...

I am sorry.

I am in pursuit of happiness.

I intend to continue. - I am interested in looking at other charities..
I am not so interested in being flamed, and told how to live my life..
I am not so interested in being told what to say either.

This is my freedom being expressed...

If you think that's wrong...

I am sorry.

Children deserve opportunity.
We all deserve freedom.


/With Love
 Quoting: Prophet.

I read the op then this post.

This all stinks to high hell.

Sorry OP that is just how I "feel"
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