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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Jacked Burton
Post Content
I love how people are attributing "disqualities" about me (Love using made up words)
in order to sidetrack my true ambitions.

I don't care if you feel it's "libtard." I feel children, of all people in this world, deserve a chance at life.

If you think that's wrong...

I am sorry.

I am in pursuit of happiness.

I intend to continue. - I am interested in looking at other charities..
I am not so interested in being flamed, and told how to live my life..
I am not so interested in being told what to say either.

This is my freedom being expressed...

If you think that's wrong...

I am sorry.

Children deserve opportunity.
We all deserve freedom.


/With Love
 Quoting: Prophet.

I read the op then this post.

This all stinks to high hell.

Sorry OP that is just how I "feel"
 Quoting: Jacked Burton

We are all GOD's "children" sorry if we got to many wrinkles for you for you to think we are still worth charity.

Is this reverse "Trickle Down" charity/economics you are practicing?
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