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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sorry for all the negative, OP.

I have just seen too much graft and scamming for the sake of 'charity' of whatever name.

I do believe in charity, and I think your heart is good and that you are trying to do good things.

Someone stated charity begins at home and I tend to agree with this.

Find something local you can throw your heart in. Or find an individual or family you can help. A lot of your public schools/teachers can point you to a family in need.

How about being a foster parent. They are in extreme need everywhere.

If you live close to an NDN reservation - they are usually in severe need.

We have a local charity that works with retarded citizens. They do a lot of good, and help these people get work that they can do.

Of course, some local charities can be just as bad. One of ours, a religious diety's house, was just outed for their CEO making almost 200K a year, while the 'house' itself suffered.

All everyone is trying to say is just 'be careful'. Your money doesn't always do what you want it too, despite the claims. Unfortunately in these days of cheating and lying your way to the top, you can't really trust anyone.

Another idea: If you have a local college, see if they will match your money for scholarships (a lot will) and then set up a scholarship program where you can interview the recipient yourself - to determine need. Even a small scholarship of 2-500 dollars is great and can help a struggling student to try to keep out of debt to the govt.

Good Luck OP! Your heart is in the right place.
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