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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Paraphrased from The Book: When you give your alms, do not be like the hypocrites who trumpet their generosity in the streets. Their pride is their reward. But when you give your alms, give it in secret (anonymously). Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Then your heavenly father, who sees what you are doing in secret, will openly reward you.

All organized charities are scams, every single one, including the Sally Ann (which I used to work for). I can't believe someone is on here shilling for Unicef or any of the other big-name scams. Brand-name charities only care about the money, not the people they purport to help.

If you have an unquenchable do-gooder instinct, find someone who needs your help, and help them directly. The best way to find someone is to ask God to bring that person to you or to show you in some way. Then don't lord over them how much you're helping, but do it anonymously and quietly. That's true charity.
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