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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Jacked Burton
Post Content
Seems the personal suggestions show the reason why there is a lack of help in this world.

I truly believe that if I raised enough,

I could go over and help these people myself.

I do know 100% sure, that I am going to spend my life trying to help... Any way I can.

I don't need to explain to you... nor you explain to me.

I'd like you to fly over to these areas and explain to them/See the ones in your own streets and explain to them.
 Quoting: Prophet.

OK, now I am angry. I give you suggestions to help you and YOU accuse me of NOT HELPING!

Explanations are not needed. YOu have now demonstrated that you are only in the for 'self-grandizement'.

So may this thread die a fast death.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27841129

Perhaps not you personally..

But read some of the harsh messages being relayed here.

Don't take it out of context if you truly believed your giving advice.. Don't pay meaning for example...

Focusing still on the negative. Chinup.

And the Anon tip to donate is probably one of the best I've seen here..

I'd still find a good way to disperse it to people who truly needed it.

My intentions are good.. you guys are simply attributing anything negative to what I said that you can.
 Quoting: Prophet.

Op maybe your intentions are true.

But to a truth seeker "UNICEF" is basically ENRON.
We don't like hearing about more people being scammed.
Especially when there heart is in the right place.
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