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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Jacked Burton
Post Content
One of UNICEF\'s most shameful activities is its assistance to the communist occupational government of Tibet. Since 1949, the communist government of China has occupied the mountain kingdom of Tibet, carrying out a brutal, ongoing campaign of genocide, religious persecution, and cultural destruction that has claimed as many as one million lives. The Beijing regime transferred two-thirds of Tibet\'s territory to Chinese provinces and has moved in hundreds of thousands of Chinese to replace native Tibetans.

Tears of Silence: Tibetan Women and Population Control, a recent report by the Tibetan Women\'s Association in Dharamsala, India, details the oppressive depopulation campaign being waged against the Tibetan people -- a campaign receiving assistance from UNICEF and the United Nations Family Planning Agency (UNFPA). The Communist Central Committee and State Council responsible for control of population growth have stated, \"Family planning should be practiced among minority nationalities to raise the economic and cultural levels of minority areas and to improve national quality.\" In 1993, the communist Chinese authorities announced a new law, \"On Eugenics and Health Protection,\" designed to \"avoid new births of inferior quality and heighten the standards of the whole population.\" The \"threat\" of \"inferior quality,\" according to this new law, are those segments of the population coming from \"the old revolutionary base, ethnic minorities, the frontier and economically poor areas\" -- which is to say, the non-Chinese.

In Lhasa, Tibet\'s capital, the government\'s 1993 propaganda campaign included street posters with slogans such as, \"Control the population and create a civilized nation.\" Under current policies, report the authors of Tears of Silence, \"A Tibetan woman must be between the ages of 25 to 35 and married in order to have a child. Tibetan women desiring a second child must wait four years before becoming pregnant again. Women who become pregnant outside of these parameters must have an abortion and/or be sterilized, or face severe social and economic sanctions.\" The authors cite the testimony of a Tibetan nurse who worked for three years at Lhasa People\'s Hospital and who verified that \"sterilization is done automatically on women delivering their second child at Chinese hospitals.\"

Throughout the world, UNICEF works with UNFPA, the World Bank, Planned Parenthood, and other anti-natalist organizations to promote abortion \"access\" and coercive population controls.
 Quoting: WAKE THE FUCK UP 22394662

This changed my mind entirely.

I will find a new method.. I have gotten some suggestions.. been doing more research..

Unicef has some other demons in its closet as well.. I actually feel tricked.

Does not change the intention. The proceeds will go to help children without the necessities of life.

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Good to see.
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