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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle initiate regardless
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Can't they walk down to the trees and gather some fruit, pick some herbs or if they must eat flesh, throw a fire hardened spear into the creek? Oh that's right, the tree chopping meat and dairy industry have it all fenced up with trespassers will be prosecuted signs up all over the joint. Fish are all poisoned by mono-culture farmers runoff. And every other bit of land is bought up by you guys that have to have huge unsustainable boxes to hide your possessions in. And any forest is patrolled by the rangers etc to stop you trying to live there while its alright by them to have the next acre cut down so they can wipe their asses, but you cannot take a handful of berries. Oh and there is only roads for the people with cars, no tracks. NM, poor buggers, throw some money at them so they can feed the wallets of our poisoners and oppressors, oops, I mean our great benefactors of health and wisdom .....

Thinking I should fast myself unto death and ask for the opt out option if prompted to return, that is, if I have choice.
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