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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle initiate regardless
Post Content
How will you teach them agriculture? On what land? Will they defend it? All the positive you think as such, can be seen as negative, and vice versa. It is not our mind we use.
Win hearts and minds, the notion of regard and opinion has been going on here from day one.... it is what begun it.
Mind your own business, if you know it, is my concern.
STO or STS garbage is backwards too. Who do you die as? Others?
Pretty sure you will find it is you alone who is there when the physical dies, you alone who has made choice on the so called good advice of others however it was presented to you, and you alone who is accountable for what you do. And when we think we are doing good, remember the nature of matter when the energy keeping it up leaves.
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