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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Prophet.
Post Content
Some of these posters have absolutely no faith in others trying to better others lives.

You can sit back on your self-righteous computer chairs, typing in your key combinations expressing your intelligence putting others downs for not having the same ideals/ideologies as you. That's fine.

I'll say-
If we focus on changing the future, we need to focus on the children.

You say this worlds messed up?

You can keep complaining or try to find a solution.
I found what makes me happy. Attempting to try and give others opportunities means more to me then your harsh words and doubt.

When you see that these children can succeed and become great individuals -
You would help too.

Some children in this world are forced into a life they have no control over.

It's unfortunate, and I would do anything to try and provide a real opportunity to people.. TO SURVIVE and be free.

These things don't happen on their own.

It's a public investment to take care of our futures. You can continue to bash the future and provide no opportunity for others to help, or you can bite your tongue and wait for the outcome -

What alarms me most?

Some of these people posting, never have helped, never wanted to help,
and they post that it's my ego.

- I'm sorry.

contribute to this thread productively. If you have some concerns, feel free to ask/state your opinion - but do so in a positive way.. otherwise, you just drain the life out of the people reading it, and yourselves.

/With Love
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