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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Prophet.
Post Content
And still you will not leave the comfort you have been accustomed too. Nor the lifestyles.
Eloquent words indeed.
There are more ways to help than throwing money.
And EVERY corporationalist is sitting pretty, in ignorance of the suffering that got them there, or maybe not ignorant of it.
Why help those you have seen portrayed by the media as suffering. You know they [the suffering] are worldwide. Help the few you feel like and pat yourselves on the back? Education BACK to a natural state is the only way we ALL will benefit but the love of creature comforts will stay your hands.
Food sharing was a given in all the native cultures from the natural plethora of Nature. Shelter is easily found and constructed with the materials at hand if you are not in competition with the Jones. Clean water was everywhere. It is the regard we give to authoritarian peoples assuming their motives are pure that fools people into joining with them and their pushing of the anti natural state. A kangaroo can have a shit in the neighbours paddock without worrying about the opinions of others, just doing a natural process in a natural environment and naked also. But if we were to do it ..... haha, OH FKING NO YOU DON'T, ring ring. So good luck when it turns to dust and you look to the same for help, and when you look to those whose way of life you never cared for, through lack of experience in it, they will take you in, as they always have and show you how to live so that you can one day again, when numbers and technology permit, oppress them for your newly acquired possessions and comforts and tell others it isn't your ego or nature, but the victims of it always see because they experience it directly.
Charity begins in the community, and so does the watch. Pity those who sincerely try are showcased as villains.
The spirit of care you show I do not question, but the reality must be considered if change here is what you want, for the benefit of all.
Good luck on your endevours if I am wrong about this.
 Quoting: initiate regardless 19801624

I feel they should have a choice on the life-style they have... Why not ask the people who are in need of help,
what they want.

Education, and survival -
Every child deserves a chance.
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