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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle Frater
Post Content

In this world we can do little and yet we can do a lot.

A smile and just a touch, that checkout girl in the supermarket, tell her "thank you Luv" with a smile and just touch her hand.

It goes a long way.

Your parents, tell them thanks, give a big hug and tell them you love them.

Friends, I'm a guy and am not afraid to hug my friends; men and women alike.

I have a friend whos Russian, he hugs everyone all the time at every opportunity; maybe hes a perv i dunno but I absolutely love Him, everyone loves him!

Show people you love them, it makes a big difference in evryones life.

I have two teenage nieces and have always been afraid of touching them in the slightest; I was wrong, they need hugs more than most, I had to get over that but they need love too, think how isolated they are...

Instructed my GF especially to share Love to them.

She agrees completely.

My point is to spread Love.

I'm not at all a jesus freak but I do believe He said and I;m paraphrasing: "A Man of Light is full of Light but if he does not shine for the world he is part of the Darkness"

Shine for the world :) Your local world is fine and is the first stop; share the Love. Further out in the world too, maybe across the net; Like Here :)

Best Wishes,

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