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Message Subject A compilation I made with hopes to inspire others... The future is our children.
Poster Handle whitedove38583
Post Content
great idea.

A lot of people will try and take you for granted and may try and scam you. I would help if i had the money to donate. I tried it one time here and got blamed i was scamming and all so the money that most had given me i just refunded it back because i was called a scammer and other things. i had asked help because the home i am living is has a hole in my roof, failing in and broken thru several places. has many leaks, one or 2 that leak around a window and it has a plug in under where it leaks, so when it rains i sit under it and wipe the rain water off so that it wont hit the plug in and catch fire. caught fire on me once but thank God i was able to put it out.

yeah i have internet 19.99 a month unlimited and do online surverys and make an extra 200 a month, just cant get a job or get ahead, and i tried that habatat for humanity and they dont really help poor people. i just got a reply letter from them and they tell me i dont have enough income for them to help me get a home built. so you might want to think about rather you would want to donate to them? they say they help poor people get homes but unless a person has 1500 or more monthly income, they cant help you. i make way less then that, heck if i was making 1500 a month i could afford my own home you know? so i tried that uchra, well they cant help but a friend of mine that works there told me to try another place called creative compassions, they said they had funds to help build a small home, so i go there and same thing is told to me, if i can obtain another job and make 1500 or more per month, they could build me a home. stupisd, i know.. they dont really help the truly poor in america at all.

but then i think about my neighbor jerry, he lives in a very small camper like me, but he does not have running water nor lights so in a way i am much more blessed and better off then him because i do have running water and lights, i dont have money to help him but i can help in other ways, this tuesday coming up several churches in our area are giving away turkey dinners, so i called and ordered him a dinner so when i go to deliver them i can take him one as well. its not want you can give, its what you can do to help others. not sure if you give out turkey dinners in your area but you might want to do that sometime in the future. what the churches in my area do is cook a turkey dinner with all the fixings and put it in plates and deliver to people in our area. there is a lot of effort in doing it and time but you will get the biggest blessing by watching those yopu deliver to faces to just lite right up when you knock on that door with a fresh hot turkey dinner. that is the best feeling ever. thank you for being kind and the commetment to helping others. my family and i wish you a happy thanksgiving and merry christmas.

Your sister in christ

Susan ( aka whitedove )
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