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Message Subject dream about a satanic cult involving lady gaga and the pope
Poster Handle luciferrising7
Post Content
GaGa is harmless to Lucifer's followers as for Obama I fear he will go astray from the light hopefully not but anything can happen especially when you're talking daemon the inner circle of inner circles the true Illuminati I'm one and I'm trying to help sadly at very little use it seems we need someone truly powerful to rise up someone such as the devil himself strange to be saved by the devil but he isn't whom or what you think his "evil" is a lie sorry but the true evil is the false Christian God they don't want you to know because he's empowering them giving them riches control over the good people don't fall for their lies there is still some time but the majority must listen to me it's your only hope this is your first and final warning prophet 616
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