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daniel 2....the statue

User ID: 27101962
United States
11/17/2012 08:44 PM
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daniel 2....the statue
as we've come to learn, the unveiling(apocolypse), is keyed to the energy business...again, following the guidance of st. john of kronstadt, who tells us to embrace every word of scripture, lets break down each word of the corrobative DANIEL 2...the statue symbolizes energy..the statue has a hand of gold, the hand in which we hold the credit/debit card offered by the commercial holding banks which issue petrodebt....the chest and arms symbolize the miltaries of the world which are under the control of the oil entities which are the multnational energy corporations and opec...the belly and thighs symbolize agribusiness which is also under the control of oil thru automation...the silver and gold are broken into pieces which is a metaphor for alternative energy and supply and demand price based conventional energy emerging under freemarket conditions...the rock that smites the statue represents the emerging eastern hemispheric economies keyed to the russian far east oil beginning to be sold at less than half the manipulated price set on the international petro exchange in london, the price that is lie that bulit the statue that we worship..remember that all it takes is one to break up a cartel and with the stakes being global, DANIEL tells us that this metaphoric economic mountain will be the new jeruaslem...lastly, the legs of the statue are of iron which would be the mettalic makeup of the stanchions that support the caspian sea oil pipeline, the coorobative beast/statue that rises up out of the sea in the book of revelation..the feet of the statue are part iron, part clay which symbolizes the base portion of pipeline stanchions that actually touch the ground