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Heaven,As Empty As Hell.

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User ID: 27257530
United Kingdom
11/17/2012 08:44 PM
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Heaven,As Empty As Hell.
For Christians around the world it is a common belief that, even as I type this,the good souls of the dead are in heaven receiving their just rewards and the wicked souls of the dead are in hell,being punished for all eternity.

Is this correct though?

According to the Bible,

a)Jesus will judge us when he returns.
b)There will be two deaths.

The first death is that of the physical,the 2nd that of the spiritual.

But it is only after this second death that we will be judged,and thus be assigned to heaven or to hell.

If this is true,hell must be empty,as must heaven.

Without the judgement of Jesus,how can the sinners of the past be suffering in hell,and how can the righteous be living in paradise??
Pile of Sticks
User ID: 27964299
United States
11/17/2012 08:56 PM
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Re: Heaven,As Empty As Hell.
Dude, we're in hell.