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Rawwrrrr the world's a big scary place

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 26294929
United States
11/17/2012 11:44 PM
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Rawwrrrr the world's a big scary place
Or is it?

Chill out, give your all selve's a break. Go outside, look around and laugh. Laugh cause you don't even need a reason. Just witness to the irony of everything about this existence. Don't take it all too seriously, you'll be okay and things will be okay. No matter what, no matter how bad it seems, don't worry about it. It'll pass and time from now, all the things you fret or worry about today you wont even remember a month from now. Each day fades and the next turns into the "most important." It's all simple patterns. How do you want to live the patterns? Enjoy them, laugh at your own goofy ass situations. Trust me, every situation we're ever in could easily be laughable because we take them so serious. We're all dramatics, playing the operatic scenes. Laughing, crying, war mongering, loving, money guzzling super serious individuals. What character in the TV Drama you wanna be? Cue the music, turn on the lights, make your story how you want it. You're choosing the script. Enjoy it, what reason is there not to? Picture yourself in a 3rd point of view, listening to yourself talk or doing the things you do... I promise, you'll start seeing some humor.

Fuck.. look at us as human beings, we eat, shit, sleep, piss and fuck. Come on... that's hilarious. Just the act of it and being who we all are.