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barium and strontium just got in my face while i was researching..

Anonymous Coward
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11/18/2012 12:06 AM
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barium and strontium just got in my face while i was researching..
so i was searching for dyes and paintmaking for scientific purposes when this came up:

"You're welcome, Daley. Reading your reply, I was wondering where you bought your pigment as PY32 (strontium chromate) is not widely available. As far as I know you can only buy it at the Sennelier store in Paris (as they call it "on a confidential basis"). Some stores in the U.K. are probably still selling tubed PY32from the old oil colour line of Sennelier. After a second reading I saw the "typo" of the Cornelissen catalogue. Barium chromate is PY31 (ASTM I - BS 1006 8/8/8 - BWS 8/8/8). I do not know if they sell a coated or a non-coated version. It is always good practice to varnish your painting after 6 to 12 months depending on the thickness of the paint coat.

Fumed silica is not a binder but is a thickener (be careful !). Fumed silica has many applications such as a thickener in ketchup, icecream, certain toothpastes, etc.) A little wax or chalk is also OK but I don't think this will be needed.

PY31 in tube is only available from Michael Harding and Blockx.


so, are the chemplanes actually painting the skies or what?

please discuss. 5a5ahidingIdol1dance