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Message Subject All live feeds for Gaza/Israel Latest update 2:32AM EST Dec 3rd: ---Share your live feed links---
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
One thing about 12-21-2012 coming up.....

Militaries could commit nuclear war with a brutal first strike attack hoping to completely destroy the enemy and their population.

Complete war induced genocide. Maybe a new term, nationacide.

If done on 12-21-2012, many people will not blame the state responsible. It would seem that the Maya knew and this was some pre-ordained event.

This is how it "could" be sold to YOU, me, us all. Of course the Maya had nothing to do with current events. But people like to self fullfill prophecy for control of population.

Many terror organizations would LOVE the religious clout that comes with spectacular events on the same day. It is them hi-jacking a greater ideaology for their purposes.

It is because of people who think like mad men, people who are capable will act that day. Even global superpowers......

It is a cash cow get out of jail free card for them.
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