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Knesset members censure Israeli war on Gaza

Anonymous Coward
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11/18/2012 01:48 AM
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Knesset members censure Israeli war on Gaza
Two Israeli Knesset members have censured the Tel Aviv regime over the ongoing deadly airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

Haneen Zoabi and Jamal Zahalka spoke out against the deadly strikes during a meeting of their party’s leadership in Nazareth on Saturday.

“Israel is breaking international law in Gaza, all for the sake of [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s election campaign,” Zoabi said.

She added that the Israeli offensive is a violation of the Palestinians’ right to live in peace.

“…Israel has military force, but no military force can crush the people’s survival instinct. This is a hostile war against the Palestinians in Gaza.”

Meanwhile, Zahalka called those who were killed in the Israeli attacks “victims of occupation,” adding that the Israeli regime “is at fault.”

In addition to the two Israeli lawmakers, former Knesset member Wasil Taha said, “Anyone who takes out leaders and children is destined to end up in the trash can of history… In this war, like in previous ones, the occupiers will run away, and Gaza will remain.”

Nearly 50 Palestinians have been killed and more than 400 others wounded since the beginning of the airstrikes on November 14. Two kids and an activist were the latest victims.

Gaza has been blockaded by the Tel Aviv regime since 2007, a situation that has caused a decline in the standard of living, unrelenting poverty, and unprecedented levels of unemployment among the population of about 1.7 million Palestinians.

[link to www.presstv.ir]